Why Choose Us?

NocRoom has a proven track record of providing quality products to our customers. We know the industry and know how important uptime is for you! If you are in need in leasing a large number of IPs, please use the contact form below to get a customized pricing quote from us today!

Need IP Space?

We have sufficient IPv4 ranges available for (new & existing) long term clients. Don’t let the IPv4 address exhaustion impact your business expansion. We are carrying IPv4 space available for rent.

Multiple Locations

NocRoom offers 3 locations available with IPv4 leasing. The Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles locations offer enterprise infrastructure and are available for VPS with IPv4 leasing.

Letter Of Authorization

Want to host the IPs on your network? Then this method would be great for you! We will provide you with a LOA that will allow you to host your IPs on your own network.

Clean IP Address

We offer clean IP addresses that have been used before to ensure the best possible performance. We do this ensure that these IPs will work exactly as you need them to for your use cases.

Need Enterprise Cloud Solutions?

NocRoom “Managed” Cloud Hosted PBX Services!

NocRoom’s fully managed, cloud hosted VOIP PBX is your turn-key solution to digital phone line sharing and mobile networking. You don’t need to hire a phone tech. NocRoom does everything for you.

Cloud Storage & Off-site Backups

Powerful cloud storage for all your files keeping everything safe in online storage.

Business Email

SMTP Service: Reliable transactional business email.