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Turnkey Cloud Computing Services for Business

NocRoom is a global provider of optimized network solutions that offer the best possible performance, reliability, and availability. Our advanced, IP-based networks deliver data, Voice, and content to clients and partners worldwide offering services in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and Miami include colocation, IP transit, network-based services including IPv4 broker and Remote Desktop PC services.

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NocRoom BusinessVPN provides secure remote access to internal networks which remote employees can use while they work from home and access to private servers.

Need large blocks of large IPv4? Look no further, NocRoom is the trusted IPv4 broker leasing over 1M+ IPs to clients.

Fully turnkey and managed PBX hosted small or large enterprise businesses.

Powerful cloud storage for all your files keeping everything safe in online storage

SMTP Service: Reliable transactional business email.

High-Speed remote PC for Business or Personal use