Las Vegas Next Silicon Valley

Las Vegas Nevada has been in great growth of digital services and soon to become the next silicon valley, companies are moving in and Las Vegas welcoming them with open arms.

New businesses moving into the valley is making high demand of Digital Services like cloud base email and business voice phone PBX services, companies like NocRoom LLC heard you loud and clear making a new headquarters location right here in the heart of Las Vegas to make sure they keep up with demanding needs of new and existing local businesses.

Digital Service businesses are scaling rapidly in Las Vegas, companies like NocRoom LLC helping business with their digital needs. Las Vegas is scaling and Las Vegas is ready – the new silicon valley!.

Please describe NocRoom?

NocRoom, LLC is a provider of Hosted PBX, VoIP, Dedicated servers, Colocation, and IP transit. We offer our premium, high speed, all fiber network to our clients in 4 different locations across the country. We consider ourselves a pioneer in the this industry because we are utilizing the newest technology available to us to manage our network.

NocRoom, LLC offers services in the following cities:

California: Fremont, Los Angeles

Texas: Dallas

Nevada: Las Vegas

Florida: Miami

Currently, we manage over 1000+ dedicated and cloud servers in 4 different locations. Our main headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NocRoom also accepts digital currency bitcoin for payment options, also providing las vegas convention centers booth events digital services.

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