NEED a secure connection?

NocRoom BusinessVPN was made with privacy in mind. Our protected VPN sends your internet traffic through a shielded virtual private network. Doing so protects your private data from malicious hackers and companies that sell your data.

Low load servers

We use the latest, fastest servers from Dell, HP and SuperMicro, We load our servers more lightly than other hosting providers do. This gives your sites breathing room during busy periods and the ability to run more complex scripts.


Basic Package

  • Free-featured VPN (Free for first 30 days)

  • 5 accounts

  • Avoid content restrictions

  • Built in Ad-blocker

  • Easy encrypted file transfer

  • Medium speeds


Full-featured VPN

  • Higher speeds

  • 5-10 accounts

  • Access to 3 servers in 1 country

  • Access to entire server network


Including previous features

  • Highest speed (Contact us) for desired speeds)

  • Contact us for desired accounts

  • While delivering top-notch security you also get high speeds (10gbps)